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Jennifer Lawrence creates a Piccadilly Circus of her own with a see thru dress

11.09.2015by: Droz

It feels right to be doing all this Jennifer Lawrence coverage lately, considering how little of her we see throughout the rest of the calendar year. This end of the year Jennifer frenzy is a pattern she's naturally fallen into thanks to doing much of her publicity work for holiday/Oscar season releases. The rest of the year she concentrates on actually making the movies. Makes sense, but it also leaves us jonesing for choice Jen moments in those off months - like the one in the gallery below where the HUNGER GAMES hottie wore a little fishnet goodness while out and about in Piccadilly. What a powerful hot beauty she is. Did you see her giving a little smooch to Natalie Dormer the other night?

Nice recovery, Jen.

Source: NSFW


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