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Jennifer Lawrence could use someone to help test out her lipstick

03.01.2017by: Droz

Being a member of Dior's stable of famous hottie spokespersons, Jennifer Lawrence's job is to frequently make many of their various products look good. Sometimes it's purses J-Law uses her superior looks to make appealing. Other times it's makeup stuff like in these pics, where she smears a little red lipstick on. She's giving me ideas with that makeup. And they're not the kid-friendly kind.

I was reading the other day about 2017's potential Oscar-winning roles. Of course they've got Jen all lined up for yet another Oscar bait movie. The interesting thing about that is the potential for Emma Stone to get in on Jennifer's Oscar darling business. She's got her Billie Jean King biopic coming up this year. Lots of award-winning buzz going around about that. Imagine getting to a place where Jen and Emma are constantly vying for Oscar love year after year. That's gonna be a tough call right there.

Source: Dior


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