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Jennifer Lawrence brings her feminist boobies to meet Gloria Steinem

05.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While my title might be clickbait, bringing in both those who want to check out Jennifer Lawrence in a tight dress that hugs those famous tatas of hers as well as the people who want to hate on a reference to breasts mingling with a reference to feminism, I do love that Lawrence has been more prominent in speaking up for feminist movements. She was in New York on Wednesday night for the premiere of a new series called "Woman," brought to you by the most famous American feminist of them all, Gloria Steinem. Steinem, who once tried to take down Playboy by posing as a bunny in one of their clubs back in the early '60's (and ultimately determined that the women were actually treated better there than in many of the other places she studied), has brought her show to Viceland, and will explore woman's issues over its 8-episode arc. The series will begin on May 10th. At a still perky 82-years old, Steinem reportedly still loves seeing those old pictures of her in her bunny ears, so here you go:

Source: Daily Mail


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