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Jennifer Lawrence belly button draws a crowd

03.28.2016by: Droz

It probably seems silly to Jennifer Lawrence that such a ridiculous crowd of onlookers and paps should swarm every time she leaves her building, all of them desperate to get a clear view of her showing off some belly button on the streets of NYC. Or maybe it doesn't. Jen seems to do what all smart celebs have begun to do, which is to use the paps to their advantage. She knows she can dole out midriff-baring moments like this one at strategic times, with the understanding that sites like this one will post the resulting images. Because who doesn't want to see Jennifer Lawrence show off some skin? Those images then circle the globe and instantly Jennifer is seen from pole to pole. All thanks to a tiny shirt showing off her midriff. It reminds me of that line Emma Stone had in BIRDMAN: "believe it or not, this is power."

Source: NSFW


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