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Jennifer Garner looks purr-fectly gorgeous at Nine Lives premiere

08.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor
It must be nice to be a man, if the man in question is Ben Affleck. Because Ben has developed a career as a writer and director in addition to being an actor, he's never going to have to worry about being seen in an aging, greying, decaying state and will pull babes as young as his daughters in a few years because men with power can get anything they want. What's great is that he's no longer going to get Jennifer Garner, his former wife and mother of his three kids. While Garner arguably is the better actor of the two (take a long, hard look at her career and performances and tell me that she doesn't have better range and quality than he does), she's stuck playing these mommy types for now, piling on the family friendly garbage such as this week's release NINE LIVES. Once Garner heads into her 50s or 60s, I'm going to wager that we'll get a chance to see her being cheeky again, something along the line of a sexy Helen Mirren type without the British accent. Until then, I'm going to marvel at how she looks just as gorgeous now as she did 20 years ago and is probably an even better person for all that time & life experience.
Source: Daily Mail


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