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Jennifer Garner flaunts her heavenly body on Fallon

03.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
You couldn't pay me enough to watch MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the media coverage that has surrounded one of its stars, the lovely Jennifer Garner. While stopping by "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday, Garner showed us yet again just how much Ben Affleck f*cked up when he couldn't make it work with this gorgeous lady. While I don't subscribe to the general concept of miracles, I do think that Jen is looking rather angelic lately, still as firm and feisty as ever. She's one of those actresses that you can't count out, no matter how many times the paparazzi want to catch her with her butt crack hanging out during those morning drop-offs at her kids' school. She's funny, smart and charming, which had to have been hard to handle for any guy who wanted to not be the lesser of a marital equation. 
Source: Daily Mail


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