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Jennifer Connelly is sexy in the shadows for The Edit

11.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I hate it when magazines pull this dark and mysterious crap with their photoshoots. I've noticed that it's a trendy thing to take a "mature" actress and give her the dark & gothic treatment, perhaps to budget themselves down when it comes to photoshopping out the natural occurrences of age. I've either seen Jennifer Connelly either blasted with light to erase any character from her face (what with her pushing a horrible, awful, unthinkable 45 years next month) or in this weird shadowy treatment like this shoot for The Edit. I care less that she has wrinkles and more that she's still too skinny in her recent years. I loved the healthy, bodacious body of young Jennifer, full of life and BOOBS. That minor grip aside, she's one of the bravest actresses of her generation, having appeared nude several times and done the backdoor dildo deed when most would have shied away. She deserves better than ill-fitting wispy gypsy clothing and a lack of lighting. 
Source: Got Celeb


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