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Jennifer Connelly in some sanguine sequins proves she can still wow 'em

01.13.2016by: Droz

I've been in the midst of various David Bowie tributes since news of his shocking passing came through the wires. Being a huge fan of the glam rock hero means that such tributes take some time. I've pretty much gone through the whole catalog of favorite songs and I'm sure I'll do that again and again in the days and weeks ahead. Just yesterday I started getting into the movies. Anyone who has any familiarity with David's movie catalog will know that LABYRINTH is a must see entry. It's quite possibly his most beloved performance and one that's very special for me, both because of David and also his co-star Jennifer Connelly. Almost 30 years later, it remains probably my favorite of her movies, if only because of how smitten I was with her back in the day. She was one of my first Hollywood crushes. All these years later, Jen can still impress, as evidenced by these pics of her at a UNICEF ball. Just look at those eyes. She's amazing.

David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly Labyrinth

Source: Superior Pics


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