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Jennifer Connelly has calls to make and hot dresses to wear

10.12.2016by: Droz

My nearly lifelong fantasy girl Jennifer Connelly has been making the rounds in support of her new movie AMERICAN PASTORAL, which explores the seemingly well-trodden territory of social upheaval and generational conflict in the 1960s. Early TIFF reviews don't seem to be all that complementary of Ewan McGregor's directorial debut of the Philip Roth novel. That sucks for them, but clearly isn't having much of an effect on Jennifer's mood, if these pics from her about to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show are an indication. I would so love to be the guy on the other end of that phone call, compelling Jen to sprout that mischievous grin. We can only imagine what they're talking about, but something tells me it's scenarios many would separate a valuable appendage to engage in with Jennifer. Girl turns 46 in a few weeks, yet still rocks the LBD in fine style. I'm going to resist getting into another diatribe on how much better our long lost thick Jennifer would wear this ensemble, because such discussion is a mute point. She is who she is and I'd gladly have her in either shape anyway. So that's that.

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