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Jennifer Connelly doesn't mind if we check out how her bikini bod holds up

02.20.2017by: Droz

I always forget Jennifer Connelly is married to the guy who plays Vision in THE AVENGERS movies, Paul Bettany. Perhaps the excellent shape he needs to be in to play the perfect being of the universe is what's inspiring Jennifer to stay in such great shape as well. But then she's always had a knack for keeping herself bangable. I could be wrong, but these pics would seem to indicate Jennifer is just fine with some cheeky paps snapping pics of her having some bikini clad fun on a beach in St. Barts. And why not? It's not like she has anything to be ashamed of - quite the contrary. If they invented a way for those of us creeping up on 50 to look as amazing as Jen, I think everyone would send out invitations to come and see them in skimpy clothes.

Yet as good as present day Jennifer looks, she's gonna have to forgive me if my mind remains stuck in the past when it comes to her. When the subject of Jennifer Connelly hotness comes up, I simply cannot help but look backwards.

Source: Superior Pics


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