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Jennifer Aniston would like to sell you some bottled water

04.24.2017by: No Cool Handle

Can Jennifer Aniston's everlasting hotness persuade impressionable consumers to pay premium price for a readily available natural resource like water; and at the same time, convince them their commitment to doing so is a sound intellectual decision? The ad guys over at "Smart Water" seem to think so. They've obviously shelled out a lot of shekels for Jennifer Aniston's ringing endorsement – going all in on the idea [that] playing to people's intellectual vanity will stupefy them into paying higher margins. If a 12 pack costs $33 on Amazon, why not get your essential vitamins and nutrients from healthy food and save yourself some money? I love this bona fide American sweetheart as much as the next guy, but it will take a lot more than some Glamour shots of Jennifer to break the coveted bond I share with reason. Much like water, you can find stimulating images of Jennifer Aniston almost anywhere, containing the only essential ingredient needed...Jennifer herself.


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