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Jennifer Aniston delivers some sweet cleavage to the Storks red carpet

09.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I want to be honest here. I really like Jennifer Aniston. She's been ambitious, reached for roles other actresses might have shied away from out of fear of coming off poorly or looking ugly (without that Oscar redemption factor) and ultimately, she's been a badass in terms of handling the press after how they've handled her personal life. But to get even more real... she's no longer the uber babe she was back in the '90's. After Brad Pitt, her weight dropped too much, she lost those perky boobs and slammin' ass she had to go with that Rachel haircut, and then just never really recovered 100%. Sure, she looked good in a bikini in that Adam Sandler mess, JUST GO WITH IT, and she managed to pull off the hot stripper thing in WE'RE THE MILLERS, but it was the dregs, the fumes, the end. That's not to say that she's still not an attractive woman who looks 10,000 times better than the average 47-year old woman, but that special pop and sizzle is definitely in the rear view. For the red carpet premiere of her new movie, STORKS in Los Angeles, Jen showed that she's still the master of dressing to impress with a vintage Valentino dress that maximized what's left of that cleavage and played up those always killer stems. Now, here's to cheering on the more mature portion of Aniston's career. I can't wait to see her in some cranky grandmother role in the next ten years, slaying like Jessica Walter on "Arrested Development." And since she loves working with Jason Bateman, let's hope he'll be that goofy grandpa right next to her.
Source: Pop Sugar


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