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Jennette McCurdy dishes up the cute in Toronto to promote her NetFlix show

07.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I love that people love Jennette McCurdy. I've always had more of thing for the second-string players, the character actresses, the ones overlooked for the main ladies (no offense to McCurdy's "iCarly" castmate, Miranda Cosgrove, who's also cute as a button). So it warms my heart to see that people love to read about what McCurdy is up to or simply tune in to check out how hot she's gotten as she's grown up. Jennette was in Toronto promoting her NetFlix drama, "Between," looking quite the dapper little darling. If you haven't watched the show, it's not exactly the best quality (think of an AMC drama but with too much melo- to it) but damned if Jennette doesn't do serious better than I ever thought she would. She's also just finished up some work on another new show, "Little Bitches," about a group of friends who are supposed to celebrate the unveiling of their college acceptance letters together after they party. The show is directed by Nick Kreiss who has mainly been involved on MTV shows up until now, which is where I suspect the show will ultimately land. MTV has a good track record for their scripted shows, throwing up some good stuff from "Awkward" to "Teen Wolf," so I have a good feeling about this one as well.
Source: Got Celeb


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