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Jenna Louise Coleman looks extra cute paired with a shaved Doctor

07.25.2013by: Droz

Current Doctor Who companion Jenna Louise Coleman is doing the big TCA Press Tour for a new season of her show on BBC America. Jenna is cute, there's no doubt about that. I still miss the Doc's last companion, Amy Pond, who was of course played by my beloved Karen Gillian. While Karen might not currently be at her best, thanks to lopping off all her glorious red hair, I'm still pretty attached to her. And not just because of the hair. I liked Karen on the show and I was sad to see her character go, more so than most other companions who came before her. We've gotten a little taste of Jenna in the companion role. She's cute and her character equally so, but I think it's going to take some time for us to warm up to each other. We'll see.

The interesting thing about this press tour they're on is how much regret Matt Smith is showing about his decision to leave the show. Perhaps he's taken notice of the career the previous incarnation of The Doctor, David Tenant, now enjoys, which is basically still confined to BBC shows. Much like Matt, I think David thought his big time Hollywood career was right around the corner when he split. That hasn't really happened for him though. Does having a cultish, UK, sci-fi, TV show on your CV not immediately set you up for the Hollywood A-list? Who'd have thought? That doesn't seem to be hurting Karen's career. I think it might be she who transitions the best from her time as a DW cast member. Something tells me it's not her Dalek battling skills that have won her such a bright future in the biz though.


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