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Jenna Louise Coleman is serving up the cuteness in a waitress costume on Dr Who set

08.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Man, Jenna Louise Coleman is making it hard on me and my non-Dr. Who watching ways. While I have no real interest in watching the time traveling BBC favorite, seeing Coleman in a tidy little blue waitress costume looking too adorbz for words is almost making me rethink my stance on the show. Perhaps what I'm really holding out for is the potential for Hayley Atwell to come on as the next doctor. Atwell has tweeted her desire to be the next doctor, in opposition to people suggesting she should be the next apprentice/sidekick/consort/whatever the hell they call the ladyfolk who stand next to the dude and make him look better. Might I suggest the lipsyncing god that is Tom Hardy as her attractive assistant?
Source: Daily Mail


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