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Jenna Fischer is back with a whole lotta leg at the ABC Upfronts

05.19.2017by: Cherry Liquor
After taking a break of sorts post-The Office to raise the 2 kids she'd squeaked out between 2011-2014, Jenna Fischer is attempting to reemerge in the sitcom world over at ABC with The Guest Book, a show that kinda sounds like The Love Boat or Fantasy Island where people are going to randomly check in & have half hour adventures with a loyal crew. Then again, I might be reading too much into it. I might also be reading too much into Fischer's suit jacket worn as a dress deal, believing in my truest of hearts that she's not wearing anything underneath it. Although that lingerie number from BLADES OF GLORY might be nice to see revealed again. I can't think of another film where one outfit is pretty much the only good thing about the entire endeavor.
Source: Got Celeb


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