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Jenna Dewan's beach body is definitely more magical than her hubby's

02.21.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I've said it before and I'll say it again; Jenna Dewan is far too hot for her husband, Channing Tatum. This flies in the face of my puerile obsession with hating on the man, who seems to be a decent dude, which is probably exactly why a woman as hot as Jenna is with him. That and the fact that the couple, who have been together since unleashing the cheese-tastic series of STEP UP movies on us back in 2006, look to still be wildly in love with each other. They were photographed on the beaches in Hawaii, chasing one another through the waves and laughing their way through a romantic Valentine's weekend. Someone told me that Dewan has been appearing on Supergirl lately but I hadn't been able to make it through the second episode of the first season, so I wouldn't have known without looking it up. Hopefully she'll get hooked up with a role on Riverdale, a show that so irritates and infuriates me that I can't stop watching it.

Bonus stab at Channing - name me one A-lister actress who could gain as much weight as he does between roles and still have her job on Monday morning, or at the very least not be torn to shreds by the media. Tell JimmyO I'm sorry, but I had to.

Source: Us Magazine


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