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Jenna Dewan puts a sexual spin on the cat in the hat

11.02.2015by: No Cool Handle

It's late Halloween night, the kids are done spreading fright; so much candy has been eaten, stomach sicknesses is in sight. With nothing left to do you sit on the couch in a frump, when all of a sudden, in your pants, a slight lump. You look around the room for the mysterious cause, when on your laptop you see Jenna Dewan with kitten claws. She's wearing a leather skirt and thigh high boots; hey look at those tits! – that would be a nice place to shoot - I love a girl willing to pervert the great Dr. Seuss. More Puss in Boots than Cat in the Hat, I'd do anything for the chance to sully that. I would need no pump, nor no boner pill, just one whiff from Jenna Dewan's Whoville. "No need for your hand," said the tits in the hat; "I have a game called fun-in-my-box that will take care of that."  30 seconds later, the lump went away, along with the tits in the hat; gone from this day.

Source: Got Celeb


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