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Jenna Dewan elevates country to sexy heights at the 2015 CMT Awards

06.11.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Jenna Dewan is really starting to look like the younger, hotter, less surgically altered version of Courteney Cox these days. (And no, I still don't feel like hyphenating her name.) The sexy dancer/actress was lithe and sexy in a lacy magenta colored dress on the red carpet of the 2015 CMT Awards, where she later found herself with probably the best seat buddy in attendance - Norman Reedus. Dewan took a selfie with "The Walking Dead" star, who held up a can of Miller Lite, possibly the only companion that could get me though a country music awards show. Well, perhaps that and the limited potential for a wardrobe malfunction on what is growing to be a much more attractive set of musicians in the world of country these days.

Now, how do we go about getting Dewan some more work instead of her husband more? Just once I'd like to go to the theater and see a list of available options that doesn't include Tatum in any of them. I swear, people. Stop encouraging Hollywood or we'll end up with Channing in a reboot of BLADE RUNNER. Because then the world will officially have come to a f*cking end and even Reedus and his crossbow won't be able to stop the horror.


Source: E Online


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