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Jenna Coleman shows off some cleavage for Vogue Gala in Paris

07.07.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Jenna Coleman doesn't tend to get too risque with her fashion choices, often sticking to traditionally upper crust British patterns and cuts, so it's nice to see her in those rare instances when she lets a little hang out. At the Vogue Foundation Gala held in France, Coleman sparkled in a black beaded frock that highlighted her flawless skin and sweet cleavage. The actress either didn't feel like having her picture taken or was feeling a bit sleepy, with most of these pics coming out with her looking less than her usual spunky self. Coleman has been working hard on her new television program, "Victoria," where she plays Queen Victoria during her early adulthood, prior to marrying Prince Albert. AKA, the only thing I could care less about watching than "Dr. Who."
Source: Saw First


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