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JenAni = Shakira?

05.19.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Is it just me, or does this new ad for Smart Water featuring Jennifer Aniston not really look like Jennifer Aniston? I could have sworn that the H2O company had decided to switch reps over to singer Shakira, the weird Photoshop on her is just crazy.

Oh, and note to the people who "make" (or is that "bottle" or "manufacture" or "package"??) Smart Water? It isn't very smart if you're spending 4 times the amount on a bottle of your water over the store brand's bottled version. I'm not taste bud sophisticated, so I can't tell the difference. At least Evian water is clever enough to have a name which spells "Naive" backwards.

Extra Tidbit: I'm curious... what are you willing to pay more for? I have to say cold meds, but I know penny pinchers who buy the pharmacy brand.
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Drool Back
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8:59AM on 05/19/2010
if it were so smart it would never be caught and bottled.
if it were so smart it would never be caught and bottled.
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