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Jasmine Tosh specializes in looking sexy on the beach

12.23.2016by: No Cool Handle

I must admit, social media babes like Jasmine Tosh amaze me. Here we have a hottie who isn't content – or is in denial – with being famous for her sex appeal. Instead, marketing herself as a "Fashion & Travel Social Media Influencer." And as ridiculous as an over-wordy way to say trendsetter sounds, it's true, babes like her do hold sway over impressionable minds. Further proof people no longer take pride in nurturing taste and individuality; rather content with mirroring those they either envy or admire. The part that amazes me is how effective they are in herding unto themselves a flock of sheep, even with the endless number of social media models attempting to do the same. Then there's the reason most of us take some time out of our day to see what she's up to. It's not the where or the what she's wearing – I'd wager most hardly give a shit – it's how sexy she's looking. Here... she looks pretty damn sexy in a two-piece. Enough said.

Source: egotastic


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