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Jasmine Tookes is far from shy for her Maxim cover shoot

01.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

If you've never heard of Jasmine Tookes that's okay. Everything you need to know about her is foretold in Maxim magazine's new spread, specifically that she's fit, smoking hot and not shy in the least. No surprise considering Jasmine's also a bona fide Victoria's Secret Angel – her full-time job. There's a lot of flesh laid bare in this set; Maxim appears to be continually moving towards producing imagery of the scandalous variety. First, a fully nude pictorial featuring Joanna Krupa and now it's Jamine Tookes tantalizing the f**k out of readers. She may not be completely disrobed but there's enough boobs and butt to keep exploitation aficionados sated. And for fans of Disney animated movies, she bears a striking resemblance to Princess Jasmine from ALADDIN. This is a good thing because you're less inclined to hate yourself for stroking it to flesh and blood woman than something hand-drawn.

Source: Maxim


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