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Jasmine Tookes can't stop staring at her ass either

03.24.2017by: Droz

I've looked a lot of Victoria's Secret pics over the years, both during my time here and before. Hell, I remember them when they were little more than a mail order lingerie catalog. Times change, but the hot models never seem to go away. In all those years, I find they can be hit and miss when it comes to utilizing their stable of super hot models to the best ends. Sometimes they understand how a model's physique might be best used, sometimes not. In the case of this March spread featuring Jasmine Tookes, Victoria definitely had her shit together. This is clearly the sort of ass you want displaying your company's new variety of panties offerings. It almost seems like Jasmine's booty was tailor made for this specific purpose. There's only one other thing I can imagine her ass doing better than this. Unfortunately, we'll probably never get a photo spread of her doing that.


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