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Jasmine Tookes keeps bringing up the rear

05.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

It wasn't so long ago, whenever Victoria's Secret wanted to push a new line of lacy panties, 90% of the time it was Candice Swanepoel's ass used for the hard sell. Alas, Candice has since given up her lucrative position as the lingerie giants "go to girl," spending the past seven months adapting to being a new mom. In her absence, Jasmine Tookes has quickly ascended through the ranks; hers is the ass now constantly being showcased – above the many asses Victoria's Secret has at their disposal. And why not? This bulky collection of back shots proves her booty was made for selling seductive undergarments. She needn't strain, clench nor bend over backwards to give it the right amount of pop – pop it does, without the aid of flattering angles or photo alterations. I try to use the word "perfect" judiciously, reserving it for instances when lesser praise would be selling the subject short. In the case of Jasmine Tookes and her heavily featured hind parts, calling it anything other than perfect would be entirely unjust.


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