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Jasmine Tookes' backside is a thing of beauty

03.31.2017by: No Cool Handle

Who could argue against Jasmine Tookes perfectly round booty being ideally suited to sell that decorative tailpiece we call a thong? Not I; in fact, any underwear designer not looking to commission Jasmine's "special set of skills" to help push a new line of panties wouldn't know a finely sculpted ass if it landed on their face. I'll bet Victoria's Secret was smart enough to put some kind of exclusive rights clause in her contract, giving them the only access to one of the best asses in the lingerie biz. Their recruiters certainly don't need me to tell them they've struck gold; the prominent way young Jasmine is being heavily featured throughout the Spring/Summer catalog is a sure tell sign [that] she's quickly becoming one of their top billers. I think the entire Internet community is enthusiastically behind Jasmine Tookes – give us all that we can handle and more... much more.


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