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Jasmin Walia's sweet butt just wont stop eating her bikini bottoms

10.08.2015by: Droz

Don't ask me who Jasmin Walia is or what she does. It's sufficient for our purposes here to sum up her celebrity credentials as yet another of those seemingly endless women who grace UK television airwaves, doing something I can't speak to. What's more important is how she looks. I see her pics around a lot, be they from premieres or just regular street candids. She's definitely an attention getter. Things get even better for her when she slips into a bikini and hangs out on topless Mediterranean beaches. Unfortunately Jasmin didn't get into the spirit of things on this topless beach, but never mind. Watching her wrestle with her hungry ass's desire to swallow up her bikini bottoms is sufficient compensation for the lack of any toplessness. I can't speak to the worth of a lot of UK TV, but they do know a thing or two about selecting hotties who can get people to tune in. US networks could learn a thing or two from them.

Source: Superior Pics


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