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January Jones using her assets to inspire philanthropy

09.29.2015by: No Cool Handle

What do you do if you've just finished up a successful run of a renowned television series like Mad Men? If your January Jones you put on a dress that looks like lingerie – making sure there is plenty of cleavage showing – then head over to the Oceana Concert for our Oceans. That's just what she does when not shooting for a new television show in which she also appears – Fox's 'The Last Man on Earth.' Busy girl. I've been hooked on her since she played the lingerie wearing mutant chandelier in X-MEN: First Class and feel she's a criminally underrated hottie. We never see perverted paparazzi snapping candid photos of her in bulk; they're too busy camped out on the Jenner's lawn. Hopefully there's a ton of Hollywood do-gooder events on the horizon, and this yellow haired beauty gets an invite to all of them. She has so much more to show the world – starting with her tits.

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