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January Jones mixes her pokies with a hint of sideboob

10.27.2016by: Droz

I have to preface any mention of January Jones with the caveat that I've never gotten a good vibe from her. She was my least favorite part of Mad Men, as well as X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, and even her current show Last Man On Earth. She always comes across as someone who looks terribly unpleasant to be around. You know the kind I mean. They're the ones who act like they can't be bothered with anything happening around them. I've never understood those people. I can't say for sure this is how January is. Maybe she's a full on sweetheart with a resting bitch face problem. Maybe her acting style or the characters she plays just make her seem unlikable. Whatever the answer, she still puts that negative impression out there for me. Yet despite all this, I have no qualms about acknowledging how hot January is. She's got a beautiful face and a fantastic body. The boobs action she's got going on at this Vogue event say a great deal about her cred there. If only she'd lighten up, then maybe January would become the complete hottie package.

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