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January Jones gets into Splash character for Violet Grey

03.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Aside from the one shot where she's channeling Madison from SPLASH, this entire photoshoot of January Jones seems dedicated to pointing out the major bitchface that she has. If it wasn't for the interviews with various magazines where she proves that she's a bit of a harpy with a nasty disposition, I would have guessed simply by looking at these photos that Jones isn't all that nice of a person. Perhaps everyone zoning in on her various stunts, from purporting getting pregnant by the married director of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS to her walk of shames from the home of also married celebrity chef Bobby Flay to the rumour that she tried to rub up against Zach Galifianakis despite him having no interest in her shallow schmoozing, but hey... at least she took off her shirt for one picture, so we can all remember she's hot. As for why the topless picture is the most sedate of the bunch, with the black & white image showing her with almost no make-up on? "We wanted to… explore the idea that a lot of women, myself included, feel less vulnerable once they're dressed and have their make up on," explained Jones. OK, then.
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