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Janina Gavankar in a tube top for Tubeathon

04.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

I could use a lot more media featuring Janina Gavankar. It's a shame, despite appearing on numerous television shows and movies, she was unable to capitalize on her success and turn it into something greater.  Despite being ridiculously hot, possessing musical talents such as pianist, violinist and orchestra percussionist (according to Wikipedia), and who is willing to do full on nudity for the sake of her art – as she did during her short run on HBO's True Blood – the demand for her remains small. She should put that beautiful brain of hers to good use and up those social media skills for shameless self-promotion. Showing up to a charity event like Tubathon in a tiny tube top and skirt is an excellent way to get noticed. Now all she need do is build on that gift for wearing attention grabbing garb; maybe a You Tube series where she does nothing but try on a ton of sexy outfits. I tune in for that shit.

Source: Got Celeb


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