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Janina Gavankar celebrates Dick with her chest

02.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

Television's favorite walk on, Janina Gavankar, showed up to celebrate something about Dick Wolf; a series or something. Anyway, she made her tits the center piece of her appearance and this couldn't have happened soon enough. It's been far too long since the last time she served up something hot. We see her pop up on different series, but not since her constant nude shape shifting on True Blood - in any role that plays to her greatest strength - her sex appeal. This serves as a nice reminder and/or reassurance that she can still grab our collective attention. Speaking of grab... wouldn't you love to get the go ahead from her to explore that slender terrain? If she doesn't garner more attention from the bigger publications; I say, take the social media plunge and serve the fans up a steady diet of bodily bliss. Shiva Blast!

Source: Got Celeb


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