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Jane Levy brings her cuteness to Paris fashion week

03.11.2015by: Droz

Cutie pie Jane Levy and many of her fellow hottie colleagues are over in Paris now, all of them drooling for the latest in fashions from the worlds top designers. I honestly don't understand what the draw is, but whatever. They're all looking hot as they lust for overpriced fashions, which is good enough of a reason for me to encourage these proceedings. Jane is a curious one. I hear a lot of folks comparing her to Emma Stone. Some might even call Jane a more visually pleasing version of Emma. I guess I can see that. Looking at Jane in these pics, I'm getting more of an Emma mixed with a little circa 1998 Reese Witherspoon. That's probably due to the blonde hair, which sadly seems to have replaced that lovely red hair she had for awhile. Am I crazy, or is there a little suggestion of a Lyndsy Fonseca in there as well? Is it insulting that everyone seems to want to compare her to other hotties? I think she can stand on her own as a hottie. She just needs more gigs. Apart from her similarity to other hotties, the thing I most readily associate with Jane is the overly CGI'd possessed girl from that shitty EVIL DEAD remake. Not the best way to think of Jane. We need more pics like these to clean our visual palate.

Source: NSFW


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