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Jana Kramer is pop country cute in festival casual & red carpet fancy duds

05.02.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I think I shouldn't have made the mistake of looking up the music that Jana Kramer sings. Here I was, cruising through pictures of her that were taken this weekend at both the Stagecoach Festival and the American Country Countdown Awards, thinking that she was super cute and had an outstanding set of legs on her. I figured she might be "country" in the way that genre earns those quotation marks by selling pop music sang with a twang and calling it country does. I have included a video for one of Jana's songs. I don't recommend listening to it, but, you know, it's there for reference. What I didn't realize, since I didn't recognize her, is that Kramer was a member of the show, "One Tree Hill" as well as the reboot of "90210" and that she was the hot piece of tail that the former Mr. Applegate, Johnathon Schaech, was married to for all of a month (the divorce came nearly a year after the marriage date but they separated a month after). Since she's also been married two other times, at least Jana has the multiple ex-husbands thing working for her career angle. Now... to just find some decent music to hawk.

Source: Hollywood Life


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