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Jamie Lynn Sigler's impressive pair looks ready to pop out of her plunging neckline

08.25.2015by: Droz

Well, well, well, look who popped up out from out of nowhere, virtually popping out of her dress. You may remember Jamie Lynn Sigler from THE SOPRANOS, where she played Tony's daughter Meadow. Almost a decade after that show's demise, the former mob daughter has long since left that nefarious family behind and is doing her own thing, part of which apparently involves showing off a ton of cleavage for a photoshoot. I always had a thing for Jamie. She was an adorably welcome relief from her TV show dad's ugly lifestyle. All these years later, Jamie still looks just as sweet as she always did. Only now she's got a set of big tits to pair up with her sweetness. Tits she seems proud to show off, based on the looks of these pics. And she should be proud. They look fantastic. I'd very much like to see her make a habit of bringing those beauties out in the future.

Source: Superior Pics


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