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Jamie Chung makes her way through parking lots in her usual sweet and sexy manner

10.27.2015by: Droz

If there's anyone who could raise one's spirits on a relatively crappy day, it's a person beaming out rays of happiness and dripping with sex appeal like Jamie Chung, seen here negotiating hybrids with her usual charming grins and effortless sexuality. Girl could help even the most dour of assholes keep his chin up and look positively to the future ahead. How could you not have an upbeat perspective with a beacon of joy like Jamie in your life? I'm pretty sure I could deal with pretty much anything, had I Jamie by my side. That's the power of a good woman. Find the right one and they can help carry you across the most daunting of finish lines. Sure would be nice to have a Jamie there to help me negotiate life's various stumbling blocks.

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