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Jamie Chung is always a great choice

01.20.2017by: Droz

As I was going around looking for info about Jamie Chung's appearance at this year's People's Choice Awards, I ran across one of those fashionista assholes ripping on her for her dress or some shit. I can't sufficiently communicate forcefully enough here how much I truly despite those people, but take that contempt and double it when they start slinging their festering shit at Jamie. Her dress was perfect the moment she decided to put it on her petite little body. I don't know what that total f*cker's problem was, but as far as this news editor is concerned, Jamie can do no wrong. She does the same thing every time a camera is in sight, which is to smile bright and look adorable, and it's always a fantastic thing. I've never had a bad moment with Jamie, which is a lot more than I can say for many others around here. I'll always make a point of honoring her in all things.

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