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Jamie Chung & her flawless complexion help hawk skin care products

08.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I feel as if Jamie Chung has become a story of wasted potential. At one point I figured Hollywood was angling to have Jamie turn into the next Lucy Liu, with roles in DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION, SUCKER PUNCH and THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS, which ironically enough starred Liu herself. While this action hottie career doesn't seem to have panned out, the other ventures Chung has participated in haven't exactly been very splashy either. She just finished up a spin on "Once Upon a Time" as the live-action version of Mulan and will be featured in the upcoming 3rd season of "Gotham" as Valerie Vale, but when I see these moments of her hawking skin care products that are designed for women twice her age, I just feel sad. And even though she's set to appear in OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, which boasts a cast of funny people I love - Jason Bateman, TJ Miller, Kate McKinnon, Jennifer Aniston - it's directed by those hacks, Josh Gordon and Will Speck, who are responsible for the tragically unfunny BLADES OF GLORY and THE SWITCH.


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