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Jaimie Alexander's new style is high on thighs

02.04.2015by: Droz

Raven-haired goddess Jaimie Alexander has procured for herself an interesting new style emphasizing thigh high boots accompanied by cape-like outerwear. Not the most typical casual attire, but I have to say that the look suits her.

Speaking as a longtime fan of the thigh high look, I'm quite enthusiastic for Jaimie's new look. She's definitely got the legs for it. I was, however, less excited to hear that Jaimie's HBO show Open was not picked up by that network. Not sure what the problem was there. The show featured Jaimie along with Michelle Monaghan and Anna Torv in which subjects of divergent sexuality were explored. More specifically, it featured Michelle and Anna as lesbians on the down low. Really? They didn't think they could make a horse race out of that concept? It would be impossible NOT to get a ton of viewership from any concept where hot actresses lez it up together every week. That was a bad call, HBO. A bad call.

Source: NSFW


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