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Jaimie Alexander's new show paints her in a crazy hot light

05.11.2015by: Droz

This new NBC show Jaimie Alexander has coming out looks intriguing. Called Blindspot, it revolves around a mysterious woman found stuffed into a duffel bag in Times Square, covered in a bevy of cryptic tattoos and with no memory of who she is or how she managed to get in that situation. I assume from there the premise of the show becomes a gradual discovery of how the hell Jaimie's character Jane Doe wound up there and what it all means. That's great and everything I'm sure, but it's the promotional material that intrigues me. While I'm fairly certain someone shopped Jaimie's head onto another body in that last pic, the second pic does indicate that she's going to look legitimately inked up from the neck down. My mind is immediately filled with wondrous images of what was happening in this show's make up trailer. I wonder what the pay is like for Jaimie's tattoo application person, which is to say how much would I have to pay to get that job.

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