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Jaimie Alexander's hotness brings a smile to us all

05.13.2016by: Droz

Jaimie Alexander got herself looking super hot in a low cut dress for Operation Smile, which helps repair cleft palates for kids in developing countries. It's a situation a famous Hollywood actress couldn't be farther from in life, but it's nice of her to support the effort with her perfect smile - a smile which makes her look something like the Dear Leader of the Operation Smile movement.

Jaimie Alexander Operation Smile Gala

Smiles aside, these pics illustrate some of the issues Jaimie has been having with her Blindspot gig. If you haven't heard, there was some controversy about the makeup person who applies the fake tattoos Jaimie's character has in the show. It seems she was using some kind of application material or something which Jaimie claims has been poisoning her somehow. I don't know anything about this, but her back does look kinda messed up here. They should do something to resolve this, for messing with Jaimie simply will not stand.

Jaimie Alexander Skin Problems

Source: NSFW


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