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Jaimie Alexander's Comic Con portraits for Blindspot are a visual treat

07.22.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know how we managed to miss all of these awesome pics of Jaimie Alexander that were taken as a part of the portrait session for her upcoming show, "Blindspot." Perhaps it has something to do with her character being named Jane Doe and the images getting lost in the mix, labeled as such when everyone knows the world needs more of the doe-eyed stare of Jaimie. I see very little information available about the show so far - basically a woman with no memory is recovered in Times Square with a bunch of mysterious tattoos that she doesn't remember getting. Sounds like a typical Monday after a weekend of partying in my early 20's. Not that I'm implicating anything... Unfortunately, I doubt that the show will be all that tantalizing or have a serious chance of success, seeing as how it's a part of NBC's lineup for the fall. I can't remember the last time that network had success with a sci-fi inspired series since... geez, ever?
Source: Getty Images


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