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Jaimie Alexander's new Blindspot promos show off her extensive fake tats

08.30.2016by: Droz

Blindspot fans will soon enough be able to enjoy season 2 of Jaimie Alexander's tatted whodunit early next year. I'm such a snob, I couldn't stay with it for season 1. Network TV bothers me. Even when they do manage to put up something halfway decent, I can't help but be aware of how much better these shows might be, were they on one of the cable networks where much more interesting TV is happening. If nothing else, it might afford us a full body shot of her character's extensive tattooing. They kinda did that in season 1, within the limits of their ability to do so.

Jaimie Alexander nude from Blindspot

But what if there's a secret tattoo somewhere near the crack of her ass and she's gotta drop trou right there on the spot so they can get the secret code before the White House explodes, or something. Or maybe there's some kind of a connection between the tattoos around her nipples that only a close up inspection will solve. See what I mean? You're not gonna get that on NBC. Too bad, as that's the kind of detective show I could really get into.

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