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Jaimie Alexander's beauty is black and white

05.02.2016by: Droz

Ah yes, Lady Sif, the lovely shield maiden of Asgard. Sorry, I've been getting neck deep in MCU movies lately in the run-up to CA:CW, which is a little tradition of mine I engage in before each new summer movie season. I gotta stay up-to-date on past Marvel movie happenings, of which there is an increasing amount as these movies keep on rolling out. I just got through watching THOR: THE DARK WORLD last night. I gotta say, the whole thing with Thor and Jane Foster seems about as forced and hollow as anything I've seen thus far in MCU relationships. I like those characters outside of their romancing, but I don't buy their connection at all. Jaimie Alexander's Lady Sif character has always made so much more sense for Thor. What's not to like? She's hot has hell, beautiful, capable of kicking all kinds of ass, and totally in love with Thor. Seems like the perfect match. With Natalie Portman out of the picture for THOR: RAGNAROK, this could happen. Also, Jaimie is much more in demand now that her Blindspot show has become a hit. Seems only fair to up her stake in these movies.

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