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Jaimie Alexander takes the plunging neckline to the extreme

01.11.2016by: No Cool Handle

The statuesque star of NBC's Blindspot, Jaimie Alexander, showed up on the red carpet to the Golden Globe awards in a dress that will challenge anyone to keep their attention anywhere but her bare chest. There's nothing shocking these days about a plunging neckline, but this raven haired beauty really does her best to make it feel fresh and exciting again. Not only are we talking about a very deep plunge here, but kudos have to be given for the amount of width in between fabric being shown. In this wide area there's a lot of this gorgeous woman's skin and nothing more; no bra to be specific. Some may say it's just an illusion because there's not a lot of boobage to occupy all that space – I could care less. I love me a perky, bite-size pair of B cups no less than a set of giant flapjacks. This prime time television star is about as close to perfect as one can get; a woman fit for the God of Thunder and Lightning.

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