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Jaimie Alexander sparkled and sizzled in her sexy SDCC dresses

07.25.2016by: Droz

It always seems like everyone from pretty much every kind of entertainment medium is promoting their stuff throughout the various days of SDCC. Other than the crowds of cosplayers and fan boys geeking out over their favorite whatever, the second biggest crowd consists of celebs who represent or sometimes even embody the characters so many love. Among the throngs of beloved hotties on hand for the festivities was one of my favorites, Jaimie Alexander, who was there to promote her show Blindspot. I kind of wish she was there talking about THOR: RAGNAROK and the return of her Lady Sif character. However, I'm not sure we have a clear answer as to whether she's returning for this 3rd Thor movie. I don't see Jaimie's name listed on the movie's IMDB page. She wasn't among the cast Marvel announced a few months back. There have been a couple of cryptic Tweets on the subject, but nothing solid. Seems like a shame not to bring her back. I know she's a realtively minor character, but now that Natalie Portman's Jane character is out of the picture, it only makes sense to have Lady Sif move in there as the leading lady. I don't know. We're still a long way away from a finished movie. For now, all my fellow Jaimie/Lady Sif fans should keep your fingers crossed that we'll get our fix of her come November 2017.

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