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Jaimie Alexander looks so pretty in pink she positively glows

01.18.2017by: Droz

Jaimie Alexander was on hand for the Winter TCA panels happening right now for all the various networks. Her show Blindspot is on it's 3rd season, I think. I haven't kept up with it for awhile, I'm kinda ashamed to say. Sorry, Jaimie. I guess I can't profess to be a perfect fan of all your stuff. I was a fan of Lady Sif from the THOR movies, so it makes me happy to see she will be a part of THOR: RAGNAROK. There was some doubt about that early on in the casting for this. I'll be glad to see Jaimie take up sword again, although if they treat her like the other movies did, it will probably be another glorified cameo. That's some bullshit. Now that Natalie Portan is literally out of the picture, it's the perfect time to get Thor and Sif together. Something tells me they're going to blow that chance yet again. Sad.

Even if the MCU underestimates Jaimie, I'll always remain a big fan of her. She just seems to have a shine that's unique among other celeb hotties. Something about her jet black hair and hazel eyes and smooth skin. It all combines together to make one powerfully hot woman. And don't forget that sleek little body of hers either, which wears this pink number quite nicely. Girl is always a treat for the eyes and other areas.

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