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Jaimie Alexander is fine in Shape

02.08.2016by: Droz

I wasn't aware Jaimie Alexander has been taking her tough woman thing to heart for so long. We've seen her as the immortal ass kicker Lady Sif in the THOR movies, and most recently as the forgetful mystery woman with an itchy trigger finger on the NBC show Blindspot. It seems those roles were a natural progression from her time spent on the wrestling team in high school. That's pretty hot. I wish I'd gone to an opposing school in her town. The thought of getting down to some Greco-Roman tasseling with Jaimie sounds like all sorts of fun. One of those situations where getting beat comes with a silver lining, namely having Jaimie pinning you down to a mat. I could get used to that.

So no big surprise that she's down with the toughness. I am a little incredulous about Jaimie's admonishment of getting too skinny. It's on this very issue that I've had a problem with Jaimie for some time. Girl was perfect back when she first started getting famous. I had no complaints. But then she abruptly transitioned into a starved bobblehead, which was disappointing. Anyway, I'm glad to hear Jaimie speak of returning to a more leveled out figure. It's where she belongs, I think.

Source: Shape


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