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Jaimie Alexander in a bikini deserves some attention

05.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

I don't care how much harm drinking gallons of chlorinated wanted can do, as long as it's water Jaimie Alexander has been bathing in, I'll gulp it down as if it was H2O extracted from the fountain of youth and blessed by holy men of God. Besides, it's probably safer than drinking the water in Cancun Mexico, which is where we find the raven-haired beauty vacationing in sexy style. She chose to don the very smallest of bikinis for splashing around with friends and being unwillingly photographed by the sly paps. She may not be the most curvaceous of babes, but really - who gives a shit? There's hardly a spec of her anatomy that isn't rock hard and those thighs are beyond any criticisms. Thinking back on it: I don't recall the last set of images where Jaimie rocked a two-piece -- these unforgettable images should make up for lost time, though. Lets hope she has plenty more vacation days scheduled this summer; I could stand to see a lot more.

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