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Jaimie Alexander has great New York Moves

05.10.2017by: Droz

If that headline sounds familiar, you're probably a Chappelle Show fan. Anyway, back to Jaimie Alexander here. It's always a treat when she shows up somewhere. Girl has one of the most striking faces around in my opinion. That's what I love about and also what continues to bug me about these THOR movies. There was some speculation for awhile about whether Jaimie was going to be in the new THOR: RAGNAROK. I'm glad to see that she is indeed in it, but my question continues to be how much of her will we see. As you know, if you saw the last two THOR movies, she's got a few seconds of screen time in either film, which consists of her either kicking ass or setting up an unrequited love thing that never gets resolved. Basically, Jaimie's character, Lady Sif, is the perfect woman for Thor. She kicks ass, looks hot, on and on. But Thor doesn't want her. That's some bullshit.

This is the one gripe I have when it comes to characterization in the MCU. Usually I'm content to ignore whatever silliness might crop up in these movies as far as characterization goes. Better not to hold them to too high a standard. Even so, Sif needs a bigger piece of the plot line pie. I'm tired of seeing her get sidelined. Either kill her off, or let her get her man. I've said my piece.

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